Switching Between Your Personal and Business Page

Sarah Lavazzi
  Hey this is Omid from Page and we added a cool feature on switching from personal page to business page. Watch the video or read along to see how!   I want to show you a feature a lot of people have been asking about and that's how to toggle between your Pages. Let's say I have a personal Page and business Page. I want to switch between them without having to log out and log into another one.   So, we're looking at the Page’s Page and you see that there are some links here and there are some social posts over here. We also have some people that we networked with and also some conversations we've had with them. Now if you look at the name section, there is this arrow right at the end of your profile’s name. Now if you tap anywhere on the name it's going to pull up all the pages that I have access to. I can always add more by just signing into another Page account, but let's just go ahead and look at some of the ones I already Own. Let's look at my personal one and as you can see, as easy as that, I just switched to my personal Page. It now shows my information here, and I can go ahead and share with the person I’m networking with. Let's say I have someone scan the barcode and quickly get my contacts. I can also go to network and see that the network has changed, and my conversations have changed as well. Cool right?   Let's look at one more and that's going to be our demo page Veronica and again different page, different network and different conversation!   We're pretty excited about this and hopefully this is going to save you some time when networking. Let us know what you think. this is available on Page's iPhone and Android app. As always just go to the menu tap suggestion issues and give us your feedback please. If you have some time you can always go straight from here to the iOS and Android store and give us rating it will really help us add more features and provide more content for you to enjoy.   Till next time!