Networking Just Got More Advanced

Catherine Burke

Social media has taken over the digital world. It’s a place to share personal photos and ideas and connect with people from all over the globe. Instagram allows you to share photos and videos to your feed and gives others the opportunity to like, share, comment, save and explore. LinkedIn is more of a professional networking app allowing you to share, post, join groups, connect with others in your industry and discuss trending topics. What if we told you there was a better app that allowed you to do ALL of those things and maybe even more?

Hi, we are PAGE nice to meet you!

That is right, the Page app was designed to be a fun and more advanced way to network, share your story, establish new connections, and communicate with members around the world. Our app utilizes similar functionality to both LinkedIn and Instagram, all in one central location. You now have the ability to share photos and videos, blog posts, podcasts, all of your information, create your own spaces, join groups, view analytics, see trending topics, have team chats… shall we keep going?

With just one tap of the Page connect card to another’s smart phone device, your profile will appear and allow that person to save your information as a new contact and prompt them to join our community. Like we always say, life is short, network!

Let’s dive deeper into setting up your account. On your profile you can link all of your social media accounts and profiles, add your contact information and connect your personal or professional website. You can even update your bio and share whatever information you want, allowing others to see who you really are and what you do whether it is personal, or business related, we don’t discriminate. Allowing the app to use your location enables Page to help you connect to Page users in the surrounding area for possible meetups and advanced networking opportunities.

Are you a blogger looking for a new way to connect to your readers and subscribers? Share your posts on our platform and reach a brand-new audience!

Are you a professional photographer looking to showcase your photos? Upload your portfolio to your Page profile and instantly share with all your network.

Are you a real estate agent looking for buyers and sellers in your market? Share your listings on your profile and connect your CRM to allow lead flow management, send reminders and emails directly from your account.

Now that your account is all set up, you are officially ready to grow your network. Within the Page app you can create or join different spaces and groups to meet new people. By clicking on the “Discover'' tab it will lead you to explore a list of spaces with various subjects and interests created by other members, similar to Clubhouse. For example, you can find “Women in Business”, “Real Estate” and even “Stock Market” groups with members just like you discussing the latest trends, topics and news. Get connected, join a space, and add your thoughts and opinions.

Not seeing a space that covers your industry or interests? Start your own! Page allows you to create your own public or private spaces, invite your friends, schedule events and allows members from around the world to join.

Page is for EVERYONE in EVERY industry. What makes us different than other networking apps? We don’t just mean business. Our app is meant for members of all ages looking to establish connections, showcase themselves, learn and explore. You don’t need your own business to find Page valuable.

Together, let’s change the way we network and leave the suit and tie at home.