Do Your Part - Go Digital

Catherine Burke

How many dozens of business cards have you been handed in your lifetime that have just disappeared? They end up at the bottom of your purse or briefcase, destroyed from going through the washing machine after being left in your pants pocket, or they were just simply thrown out.

The world of business and networking is no longer a paper reliant industry. Business cards are a fun, personalized way of advertising but are ineffective if they are so easily misplaced.

Besides being ineffective, they are not so great for the environment. Did you know, each day 27 million business cards are produced in the U.S. and 88% of those are thrown out within the first week? People order hundreds of business cards at a time in hopes that they will encounter hundreds of promising connections. Business cards require large quantities of chemicals, energy, trees and water, resulting in a huge waste of precious resources. Life is short. It’s time to save the planet we live on. Why not get your PAGE on and contribute?

Inevitably over time you may change your brand, phone number or even your job altogether, so new business cards must be made to keep up with each new change. Most millennials are switching jobs within the first three years. What does that mean for the business cards at their first job…? I bet you can guess it. The result is a horrible cycle of environmental harm.

PAGE has created a solution for this. With PAGE Connect you have one single card. With one tap to a smartphone, it can provide your contact information, a link to your personal website, and social media accounts all within your profile. The PAGE Connect card uses the same technology as Apple Pay and Tesla key card for tap-and-go connectivity.

Using any PAGE product eliminates the need for wasteful paper business cards. The PAGE Wood card in particular is the most eco-friendly option to purchase since it is made entirely of bamboo. Bamboo doesn’t require the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides that damage the surrounding environment. Check it out in our online store! Help PAGE celebrate World Environment Day this June 5th and switch your business advertising from paper to digital. Make an impression and make a positive impact. Network like never before. Share YOUR story.