Jonathan Kogan



Miami, FL

Host, The Jonathan Kogan Show (podcast) I’m laser focused on the convergence of 3 specific areas: Crypto, No-Code, and the Creator Economy. I believe this technologies will change the world, and how it fundamentally operates (for anyone that is alive today). We are in changing times, which isn’t anything new, but the magnitude of this “shift” has most likely never been experienced before in any human era. At the very least, there are only 5 times in history that can really be in the same conversation. This is not a bad thing. It’s actually a great thing, albeit it unevitably not be great for those who oppose it and try to hold on to legacy thinking. The most important thing to understand is that this is your choice (for the 95% of you reading this) — the soverign individual. That’s why I started this podcast. For you and for me. It’s a podcast on the pursuit to educate, inspire, and hopefully motivate. Education is the most important part of this equation. My promise to you is that we will never stop bringing on the best guests, we will turn the complicated concepts of Web3 and make them easy to understand, but most of all, we will never do anything that undermines the value-driven approach of providing every listener with the tools to achieve whatever means most to them. Don’t forget: we are essentially you — the audience! We want to become as educated as possible, from the best in the world, and that’s what we will do. We are in this ride together! Some of the things I enjoy most are building businesses with incredible teams, turning around organizations who need help (i.e. financially, operationally, etc), trying every new tool in the no-code & low-code space, and listening to so many podcasts! But, my most favorite thing to do right now is being a Co-Host of an AWESOME new podcast (“In Case You Forgot: The Ownership Economy”) where we have authentic, unscripted conversations with top Creators, Entrepreneuers, Business Executives, Makers, Investors, and people who them they couldn’t.